The wellness oasis

Our guests can use our new spa, intimate relax oasis, fitness and beauty centre. You can start by recharging the batteries and bringing the harmony back to your busy everyday life in our intimate oasis - our new wellness centre.

Do you remember the last time you did what you wanted instead of doing what you had to do? Get rid of the daily stress in our saunas and baths, dive into the whirlpool and allow the water to take all your problems away. We recommend a pampering session in our Japanese spa, a one of the kind experience in the whole Croatia. The highly qualified staff of Mozart Beauty Studio will be happy to provide you with customized service with treatments and therapies tailored to your personal needs... You might like to start your road to health and stress relief with a fitness session in our Fitness Studio and continue you relaxation with a healthy drink on our garden terrace hidden from the curious eyes...

Address: Opatija, M.Tita 138
Phone: +385 51 718 260