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Although the families of the builders of the Villa Istra had several notable personalities – for example, members of the Jurković family were among the most active in the people’s movement and founders of the Zora cultural society; a scion of the Kompanjet family, Zoran, was a writer and rector of Rijeka University; and descendants of the Kopani family include the legendary local photo-chronicler Frank and his son, philatelist and Lions district governor, Borut-Borja – the...


Hotel „Mozart" is an elegant boutique hotel built in 1894. Mozart, the synonym for a warm and cordial welcome, has been writing the tourism history of the pearl of Kvarner Bay, Opatija, from the very first letters. The Art Nouveau hotel building, which is an architectural monument, is located in the very heart of Opatija, just few steps from the sea and close to the nearby tennis courts and all the main cultural and historical attractions.   The hotel has 26 rooms, two...

About the building

In 1894, the sisters Francisca and Antonia, born Pošćić Oršić, married to Jurković and Kompanjet respectively, commissioned the builder Giovanni Skerl to erect a building identical to the neighbouring Villa Opatija (Abbazia), which was owned by their brother Feliks. The property was named Villa Istria and has had several owners since but has always remained a guesthouse. It was inherited in 1911 by Francisca’s daughter Justina, who was married to Amade Kopani, a...

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